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Fostering strong educational development begins even before your child enters Kindergarten. For us, we begin introducing complex themes and subjects to our students in pre-school, so that they can enter Kindergarten with a deeper awareness of what’s expected of them as students, in addition to a confidence-based mindset that can help them make the most out of their experience in school.

We offer two tracks for preschool students in English and Maths, in addition to Phonics and Reading – each of these tracks work to provide our students with a solid foundation from which they can continue to build their academic rigour once they enter into Kindergarten.

Our course in English and Maths aims to ensure that each student is equipped with the basic concepts, skills, and knowledge to feel comfortable and confident when they move into the more rigorous curriculum in Kindergarten.

Course Contents


  • Reading and Oral Skills
  • Grammar MCQ/Cloze
  • Vocabulary MCQ/Cloze
  • Sentence Construction
  • Comprehension Skills (MCQ/OE)
  • Writing Prompts


  • Numbers
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Shapes & Patterns
  • Ordinal Numbers
  • Length
  • Picture Graphs
  • Multiplication
  • Time
  • Money

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