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Here at Megaphonics Enrichment Center, we’re an MOE-registered educational development center based in Singapore. Since our establishment in 2005, we’ve been offering high-quality, engaging, and interactive educational development in fundamental subjects like phonics, reading, English, creative writing, math, and science.

Throughout the last number of years, we’ve quickly become an industry leading educational development institution within Singapore. Known for our ability to offer high-quality educational programs for students in their pre-school ages, as well as K-12-aged students, we’ve built a strong reputation as an ideal educational development solution.

Building off of our client testimonials, we were able to spread our mission, our values, and our abilities simply through word of mouth, which allowed us to reach more students and develop a strong community of local students. From there, we continued to hone our curriculum, carefully develop our courses, and work to identify the needs of our students, so that we can ensure that we’re targeting the right areas to ensure sound educational development. We worked to build a highly experienced staff of teachers, instructors, and curriculum development to design engaging courses that would attract the attention of our students and ensure long-term successful growth.

Personalized Learning

At Megaphonics, we’re not firm believers in “one-size-for-all” services – especially for education. In our minds, no two students are ever the same; each student learns at their own pace, maintains their own interests and unique abilities, and has different educational goals. For that very reason, we offer completely personalized educational plans that are uniquely tailored to not only meet the needs of each individual student, but also exceed them and let them take their academic abilities further than they ever thought was possible.

Through our experience, we’ve seen first-hand just how beneficial our personalized approach to educational development has been for our students. This approach allows us to cater to the individual needs of each individual student, so that they can enjoy education and foster a positive mindset rooted in academic confidence that will allow them to strive for and achieve their dreams.

Our courses are aligned with the MOE syllabus and are geared towards helping our students reach their fullest potential in key subjects like English, math, and science. In addition, we offer measurable analytics to ensure that each student is well prepared to excel in all national examinations.

Here at Megaphonics, we’re reinventing the ways in which we educate our children. Through high-quality educational development courses that cover every crucial skill from preschool through to 12th grade, we’re helping to develop the leaders of tomorrow, today.

Megaphonics - Tuition Centre Singapore | +65 6569 1757